Nazareth House joins forces with the Jean Tweed Centre. For more information about the addition of transitional housing to Jean Tweed's services, please read the media release for more information!

Nazareth House is a unique HOME where women and single mother with infants have the opportunity to heal themselves. It is a safe environment where we foster change and growth. We support our residents in setting goals for their future and assist them in moving forward andbecoming productive and independent members of society.

The women we serve come from different backgrounds and religions. Each woman is unique in her own way, but all women share one thing in common: they all suffer from some sort of trauma and they all face a long journey of recovery and healing.

The women of Nazareth House have expressed the desire to change their lives for the better. Some women may have mental health issues, many are fleeing abusive homes and/or relationships, many of our clients have been homeless and/or lost their children to Child Protection Services, many of our residents come from broken and abusive homes and have been apprehended as children by Child Protection Services themselves.

Many of the women who access our services are in the early stages of substance abuse recovery. This particular population is very fragile and challenging to work with, not because of the drug/alcohol use but because of the issues that led them to substance abuse.
Many of our residents have been abused or neglected as children. These women did not have the opportunity to experience a loving, nurturing and accepting home environment as children, they were never taught the necessary life skills to live independently or the skills to take care of their own children, what they did experience was abuse, trauma and neglect.


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